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Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus), also known as mahi-mahi or dolphinfish, are
surface-dwelling fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical
waters worldwide. They are members of the Coryphaenidae family and are very
closely related to the Marlin species.
Graphed [picture to aid in layout
Graphed and plasma cut
First hammer shaping
Lower mouth and bottom edge tacked on
Bottom edge tacked
Welds ground with 40 grit 4.5
Front tack welded
Welds ground off
Mouth details and gills next
Lower jaw, 1/4
Lower jaw blended, upper tacked
Upper jaw welded
More weld layered on top
Upper jaw blended
Side fin pieces
Hammered to fit the side
Side fin welded into place
Weld blended into the side
Gill shaped and welded into place
Close up of gill
Lower fin template on left, stainless on right
Welds ground and shaped with chisel from the back
Lower fins welded in place
Upper, dorsal fin welded
Lower fin, welded from behind
Eye welded in place.
Eye shaped with chisel from behind
Give you an idea of the scale
72 inches long and 24 inches tall