Drake's Drake
Larry Pearson
Graphed version of the Drake's Ballon Mallard
Beak laid over drawing
Outline of head and neck
Stainless added to establish height and angles
Mouse over images for short description
Neck pieces tacked
More pieces added
A few more pieces added
All pieces of the head tacked
All pieces welded
First grind and eye placed
1/4 inch round tacked around eye for lid
1/4 inch welded and shaped material around eye tacked
Majo bill-ectomy today!
I didn't like the shape of the bill, had to be reworked
Another view, you can see the depth of the head now
Top 1/2 of a 5 inch hemisphere for the eye
All welds smoothed and experiment with textures
Now the eye will be taped off to protect it, the body is next
Body outline laid out
Shape and body height established with 2 inch strips
Additional strips and tail feathers added
Body started
A closer look
Feathers not needed where wings will attach
Had to stand on 4x8 foot table to take pics, can't get it all in
Wing frame work added
Second half of wing framed
Feathers complete this wing
Wing number two framed
Find me
Second wing finished
Sitting on trailer, example of an optical illusion
Wing tip to tip - 10 feet, beak to tail - 9 feet
Future home of Drakes Drake
Brackets lagged into studs
Ready to lift
A little more to the left
Removing lift staps
View from the street
Modified an erngine hoist, more height and reach
Gives you an idea of the size
Thanks to my Duck Crew!