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Laying out the back supports
checking the angle cuts
2 inch outer stri is the skin layer
The head needs to be removable
Simple is best. Angles hold the head braces
On it's side,The nose in the right foreground
Nostrils placed and bracket for the antlers
Eyes located
Expanded metal shaped onto the head
Set on angles welded to edge of table
Head sitting on angles welded to body frame
Set it on trailer to get accurate head to floor height, 8 foot, 6 inches
Zoey on guard
Body frame work
Rear knees
Moose got back!
Expanded metal close up
All pieces had to have a poster board template created
After template, piece welded in place
Removable antler sections
Antler frame work
Antlers fit into these 1x2 inch tubes
Antlers skinned
Ears placed
Dragged out of shop
My daughter taking the moose for a ride
Moose hunter, left and me on the right
3 Mooses, my moose hood ornament, Chocolate moose and Moose
To Vet for check up and shots!
All-thread welded to bottom of hooves for attachment to stand
New friends
Rory, we go all the way back to kindergarten!
Moose visits the Great Turkey, Iowa Turkey Federation
Construction of base
First layer chocolate