Larry Pearson
Smoke Tree Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona
I started this project some time ago. I wasn't happy with my construction plan.
Sometimes you have to set a project to the side.
Sooner or later the solution will seem obvious.
While I did consider this solution before, I wasn't convinced it was the best.
Now it's time to see.
Please excuse my mess in the background, my wire welder decided it didn't want to play anymore,
so I had to dig out the 110 volt wire welder and this project is BIG
This is one side, of the top half of The Smoke Tree. 7' tall, 10' wide and 2" thick.
To the right, you can see the start of another side. You can also see my new MIG welder and
of course, I had to get a new helmet.. My first new one in 15 years, my old one was electric, but one of the sensors was bad.
2 sides complete
Bottom half.
4' wide and 8' tall
4 Grates hooked to angles
Bottom half joined
The Big Lift
15' tree and my daughter
I want to thank my buddy and neighbor, Lowell, for helping me erect the Smoke Tree
The temporary supports will be removed after delivery and installation.
Now to give it some good ol' Iowa rust!
bleach and salt
To accelerate rusting, I use beach and table salt.
Been too windy to spay bleach, but it never seems to stop raining
this time of year.
rusting good
Test Fire