Larry Pearson
1/16 inch mild steel sheet
6 inch sheets welded into boxe tubes
6 foot side tacked to 8 foot bottom tube
Making room for other tubes and rocking to music
All 4 sides tacked together
Corner detail
Adding pieces to make corner look heavier
Corner tacked
Corners ground smooth
Stood up to check size.....BIG!
Welded back plate and nuts
Homemade clevis
Homemade fake clevis
Part of the clevis
Fitting parts before weld
Plasma cut letters, by hand
Square weldeing magnets to hold parts square
23 inches long,11.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick
Fake clevis welded to horizontal 1 inch bar
Fake washer and nut welded in place
Cover tacked onto nut
Lettering template
Cover welded onto nut to make a fake bolt
Bottom corner, fake bolt and washer detail
68 pieces to make these letters
Plasma cut letters, by hand
Sides added
Sides added to create ribbon look
Letters and ribbon welded to frame
On temporary stand for rusting
2 weeks of rusting
I delivered "The Smoke Tree" to Arizona
so for the last week I've been unable to monitor the rusting process
Some of the salts used to enhance the rusting process have pooled on the bottoms of some pieces
I've been spraying with normal water for several days and it's looking better
Preparing it and several other projects, for the
Radcliffe Days Parade this Saturday July 17, 2010