Larry Pearson
White Tom Turkey
for the
Iowa Turkey Federation
Picture of real turkey at nearby farm
I think I'll start with the head
1/8 inch fill rod to shape the nostrils
Carefully added filler
Ground and smoothed weld
Lower beak, heavy welds to allow for more shaping
3/4 inch rounded ends of bar stock, to be cut for the eyes
More pieces added around the eye
Heavy welds to allow more grinding
Welds ground
I'm sure it has a name, but what?
Texture added with TIG torch
Not happy with first version, few little changes
That's better
Front view
Legs, 3pcs.  3/4 inch stainless bar stock each
Picture of real foot in background
Body profile framing
Internal strength supports, 1 x 2 inch stainless tubes
18 ga. stainless shaped for skin
Side view
Looks like an egg on legs!
Neck tacked on for now. Untill all feathers up to neck are welded
Tail feathers welded in place
Racing strips so he's faster? No, will mark to keep feathers in correct direction
Body feathers, starting at the tail, working up to neck
Wings, more shaping to be done before welding to body
On tail so under side feathers can be welded
Bottom feathers done
Neck and head removed to finish the feathers
Ready for the head and neck
Starting the waddle
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Using cradle to load the turkey
Worlds Largest Stainless Steel Turkey
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Turkey Tour 2012