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A little history
I learned to weld in 1979 working for
Dee Zee Mfg. in Des Moines, Ia.
On the job training. I first learned to TIG and MIG weld aluminum running
boards. As the company grew, other opportunities arose. We also
manufactured heavy truck equipment for semi trucks and trailers. Such
as toolboxes and headache racks. Headache racks are the large
aluminum racks that you will find right behind the semi tractor cab. They
are designed to keep the load from hitting the cab in sudden stops, thus
the name, headache racks. I spent 15 years with them.
Seeking greener pastures, I started with Quality Mfg. They do custom
fabricating for other companies. I MIG welded the inside of John Deere
fertilizer tanks. Custom motorcycle trailers. I also TIG welded the seat
frames and many other parts for the Super Man ride in Orlando, Fl.
Seeking work closer to home, I began welding for
Putco Manufacturing
Inc. in Story City, Ia. They make stainless steel truck accessories. They
were the first after market running board manufacturer in the world, after
the auto companies quit installing boards as standard equipment on the
old trucks.
In 2000, I was fortunate to be employed as a personal welder, fabricator
and metal artist for a
Commercial Real Estate investor.
I created everything from the brackets needed for the  natural gas
service to Chandeliers in "The Barn". You'll find more about
"The Barn"
on my Gallery page.
For the last 12 years I created metal art pieces for friends and family in
my spare time as a hobby.
As of June of 2007 I became a full time artists.

Please enjoy and visit again.

Thank you,
Larry Pearson
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