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Horse Shoe
Trophy Stand
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brief description
Template for both sides
All corners have 1/2 inch bar stock
Outer edge tacked
2x2 tube create the nail holes, tacked in place
Outer edge and bottom of nail groove
Clamps holding inner nail groove edge
1/2 inch bar tacked to inner edge
Inner slope of shoe tacked
I use poster board for templates
Welded in place
Heavy spot welds, because grinding is next
40 grit flap wheel used to smooth welds
Top view
Another level ground smooth
Cleat tacked in place
Ground smooth and ready to make the nails
All grinding complete and cold gun blueing applied
Race track styled base with 4 adjustable feet if needed. Center bar will be the horse shoe support
Using 1/4 inch and 1/16 inch steel to construct the nail heads
Horseshoe nails welded and ground smooth
Nails welded in place and shelf brackets welded on
And welded to the racetrack base
Excuse my mess!
First 5 of 12 Roses
5 Roses of 12 complete
12 Roses complete
A stack of Roses